Despite a world-wide ban by the United Nations in 1992 and by the European Union in 2002, the driftnet fishery continues illegally throughout the Mediterranean Sea. Driftnets are banned because they take large quantities of unwanted catch, called bycatch, putting populations of migratory fish, sea turtles and cetaceans at risk.

We interview Xavier Pastor of Oceana, a global marine conservation organization. He leads a team of scientists, photographers, and videographers who are systematically documenting the use of illegal driftnets throughout the Mediterranean. With over 500 driftnet vessels operating illegally in the region, researchers and conservation groups are concerned that marine species are being pushed to the edge. In this episode, we investigate the fishery and examine why it still occurs today.



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3 Comments » for Fishy Business – The Illegal Driftnet Fishery
  1. Matilda says:

    Fantastic film, thanks for opening my eyes to this

  2. Jacques Cop says:

    Thank you for this film, after The End of the Line and The Cove this yet an other important document that shows that man kind goes out of its limits when unchecked. Try dragging a two kilometre metre long line with hooks through the National Park, just see how long that goes on. It is time for enforcement.

  3. Stefan Vonwil says:

    I’m a member of OceanCare, Switzerland and also the Newsletter of them. Look in your area to organisations like that. More members have more power to the governements.
    I love my earth, pleas help to save them.
    Thank you for your good dokumentations.

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