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“Southern Right Whales of Argentina” is an educational documentary film by Chris and Genevieve Johnson. It explores the natural history and ecology of Southern Right Whales in Peninsula Valdes, Argentina, examining the complex relationship between humans and whales, and the effect of a changing marine environment of the southern hemisphere.

“Southern Right Whales of Argentina” highlights international researchers working to understand and protect these whales and examines global conservation issues from a scientific perspective. The exponential increase and popularity of eco-tour activities in the region such as whale watching, provides hope for this endangered species on the edge.


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  1. Oriana says:

    I saw this with my dad (who also went to Oberlin like Mr. Johnson). This is a wonderful documentary. Thank you for your work. — Oriana (El Paso, TX)

  2. marc says:

    How can I see this documentary?
    Southern Right Whales of Argentina
    It isn’t available here!
    I live in the south of Brazil, and we do have Right Whales here too.

  3. Daniel says:

    Now Im going to Argentina

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