Beaked whales are the most mysterious of all marine mammals. So far, there are about 20 species known around the world. They inhabit deep, pelagic waters spending very little time at the surface.

As a consequence, scientists are developing technologies to learn more about these elusive toothed whales. Mark Johnson has designed a non-invasive way to study them using a device called the DTAG.

We join Mark, Natacha Aguilar de Soto and their team on El Hierro in the Canary Islands, Spain, as they search for beaked whales to study their movements, habitat use and vocalizations.

8 Comments » for Diving with Beaked Whales
  1. nehuen says:

    muy buen video siogan a si.

  2. Guido Jones says:

    Excellent presentation of this activity, you should pubicise this link and clip more.

  3. Stefan Vonwil says:

    Ich bin Mittglied von OceanCare, Schweiz und erhalte regelmässig deren Newsletter. Schaue in deinem Land nach solchen Organisationen. Mehr Mitglieder bedeuten mehr Kraft um einfluss aif die Regierung zu haben.
    Ich liebe meine Erde. Hilf mit sie zu schützen.
    Herzlichen Dank für die gute Dokumentation.

    I’m a member of OceanCare, Switzerland and also the Newsletter of them. Look in your area to organisations like that. More members have more power to the governements.
    I love my earth, pleas help to save them.
    Thank you for your good dokumentations.

  4. Rachel Talbot says:

    Thank you for your efforts to learn more about beaked whales, it sounds like you are making a real break through with detecting the difference in their clicks to other whales.

  5. Justin Borthick says:

    I enjoyed this greatly. I was just lookin’ for some marine biology podcasts, and this is one I found and as I was watching it, I couldn’t look away. I would love to see these whales sometimes, but I have no schooling or money for an expedition such as thus.
    But if I can’t go on my own expedition, I can always watch yours. Please learn more and share the knowledge!
    Some of us are going to be going to school for this, you know!

  6. briAn butcher says:

    Cool stuff guys, would love to help one day, feel free to keep sendin’ me info, blessings, brianbutcher!

  7. Elfyn Pugh says:

    I have seen Cuvier’s Beaked Whales many times when crossing the Bay of Biscay to Santander or Bilbao in Spain and I am fascinated by this group of enigmatic cetaceans. This video footage throws some light on their mysterious lives deep down in the oceans depths. Congratulations on producing a very informative and educational documentary.

  8. Great video and information on this unique animals. I am hoping to be diving in the canary islands next year. I dive a good bit in the Hawaiian islands and it is fascinating to study and analyze deep water / island environments. Keep up the great work.

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